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I'm Sarah a French-Canadian lady and I am proud of my Haitian origins. I love food, fashion, natural hair, traveling and other random things. But most of all, I love life and God.

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Here is my 9 month journey. I get a lot of questions on my regimen but it always changes as my hair grows! But these things definitely helped:
-Water water water! Oil oil oil! Errday! (JCBO, coconut oil)
-I eat better. Lots of greens, errday. Lots of fish, chia seeds, fruits etc.
-Co washing aka Washing hair with conditioner. Makes hair much softer, I use Herbal Essences or Aussie Moist, super cheap!
-I’ve been doing the Kimmaytube mix (google it!)as a leave in using Kinky Curly Knot Today.
Hope this helps! And by the way, whoever said kinky or African American hair didnt grow was probably on drugs #bye #naturalhair #naturalhairdaily #teamnatural #afrosrule #twistout #curly
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