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I'm Sarah a French-Canadian lady and I am proud of my Haitian origins. I love food, fashion, natural hair, traveling and other random things. But most of all, I love life and God.

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5 COOL iPhone/iPad APPS

5 COOL iPhone/iPad APPS

I have to say, there are a lot of apps out there and it’s sometimes tough to try them all and get the right ones. I’m pretty lucky to always discover some good ones, plus I’ve been surounded by a bunch of friends that also like to share their latest discoveries. Here are 5 apps I’ve been using recently that are worth sharing, the best part is that they are also FREE. Check em’ out after the break!

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LES 400 COUPS {Restaurant review}

LES 400 COUPS {Restaurant review}

food-againIt was my mom’s birthday and since me and my sister both eat out often and in different places, it’s always hard to pick a new spot. We had both heard about Les 400 Coups and since we haven’t tried it, we decided it would be the destination this year. (more…)

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FLAWLESS ON A BUDGET: 5 fave drugstore makeup/beauty items under 15$

FLAWLESS ON A BUDGET: 5 fave drugstore makeup/beauty items under 15$

FLAWLESS ON A BUDGET: 5 fave drugstore items under 15$ | versass.comWhen it comes to beauty, I like to keep it really simple. Yes I do have a few everyday go-to items which are usually pretty expensive (for example, everything MAC and NARS ), but some of my favourite items cost under 15$ and are available almost everywhere! I’ve tested those products for months before they became staples for me, so I am pretty sure of my choices! Check out my top 5 after the…

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BIER MARKT | Great spot for beer lovers in Montreal

BIER MARKT | Great spot for beer lovers in Montreal


It was a Friday night and after a long week, I just felt like having a couple of beers in a relaxing place. Having heard of the opening of Bier Markt but not having the chance to try it out yet, me and a friend decided to give it a shot that day.

Both of us are beer lovers so we knew we would probably have a good night when we realized their “beer menu” consisted of (more…)

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9 Vegan & Gluten-Free Detox Recipes
Recipes here.
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Cozy | Alex Elle | Adam’s Morgan DC
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