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I'm Sarah a French-Canadian lady and I am proud of my Haitian origins. I love food, fashion, natural hair, traveling and other random things. But most of all, I love life and God.

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Sushi foodgasm at Boîte Geisha

Sushi foodgasm at Boîte Geisha

Boite Geisha sushi restaurant |

After traveling and being a greedy foodie globetrotting makeup artist, I came to realize that my love for sushi was like no other. And just the other day, my foodie life life took a drastic turn when one of my best friends invited me to her workplace : Boîte Geisha.  (more…)

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And the “best random chocolate treat in Montreal” goes to…

And the “best random chocolate treat in Montreal” goes to…


So this winter, when I was vigorously looking for a stroller like an absolute OCD maniac, I decided to go to Caroussel du Parc with Jeanne. So yeah, Caroussel du Parc has all the high end strollers and also offers high end advice from their knowledgeable staff. Long story short…I was going for the high end service, but because of the prices…I was gonna buy my stroller at Bo Bébé since it’s…

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[Travel blog] Boston + Cape Cod = Seafood paradise

[Travel blog] Boston + Cape Cod = Seafood paradise


With the summer vacation around the corner I thought I would share some of the spots I’ve discovered on a recent trip to Boston + you will get a few details from when Sass went to Cape Cod a few years ago :)  (more…)

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Escales Paris: New Boutique in Montreal

Escales Paris: New Boutique in Montreal

4Right in time for the Formula 1 Grand Prix weekend, I was invited to the opening of the new and first Canadian boutique of Maison Escales. With stores in Saint-Barthelemy, Saint-Tropez, Paris and Ibiza just to name a few, they chose our beautiful city to open their first port of call in Canada. The boutique is very pure and beautifully displays the beauty of their clothing. More info and pics…

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[Restaurant discovery] Labarake: Caserne à Manger

[Restaurant discovery] Labarake: Caserne à Manger


It’s been a busy start to the spring so I’m a little late on this post. Several weeks ago I was invited to try the menu at Labarake just before their grand opening. The restaurant being located in an old firehouse, the first thing that will strike you is (more…)

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Le Balcon | Unconventional drinks and beautiful view

Le Balcon | Unconventional drinks and beautiful view

Versass | Le Balcon

How about a gorgeous, newly renovated rooftop terrace with a beautiful view in downtown Montreal? YES! I was pretty excited when I got the media invitation to check out this new lounge/bar located on top of the infamous Newtown restaurant. Although it’s located somewhere I don’t usually go (Crescent street is too mainstream for me…I’m not 18 anymore if you know what I mean), I loved how, as Seb…

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And the “Best brownie in Montreal” award goes to….

And the “Best brownie in Montreal” award goes to….


Okay. I am 27 years old so that’s basically almost 25 years of trying brownies. All over town: From people’s house to restaurants around Montreal. However, this brownie wins my heart every single time I eat it. Every time. Even when I take it home and it’s cold. It’s so good that thinking about it not only makes me salivate, but it also reminds me of how beautiful life is…yes…a brownie does that.

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5 COOL iPhone/iPad APPS

5 COOL iPhone/iPad APPS

I have to say, there are a lot of apps out there and it’s sometimes tough to try them all and get the right ones. I’m pretty lucky to always discover some good ones, plus I’ve been surounded by a bunch of friends that also like to share their latest discoveries. Here are 5 apps I’ve been using recently that are worth sharing, the best part is that they are also FREE. Check em’ out after the break!

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LES 400 COUPS {Restaurant review}

LES 400 COUPS {Restaurant review}

food-againIt was my mom’s birthday and since me and my sister both eat out often and in different places, it’s always hard to pick a new spot. We had both heard about Les 400 Coups and since we haven’t tried it, we decided it would be the destination this year. (more…)

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FLAWLESS ON A BUDGET: 5 fave drugstore makeup/beauty items under 15$

FLAWLESS ON A BUDGET: 5 fave drugstore makeup/beauty items under 15$

FLAWLESS ON A BUDGET: 5 fave drugstore items under 15$ | versass.comWhen it comes to beauty, I like to keep it really simple. Yes I do have a few everyday go-to items which are usually pretty expensive (for example, everything MAC and NARS ), but some of my favourite items cost under 15$ and are available almost everywhere! I’ve tested those products for months before they became staples for me, so I am pretty sure of my choices! Check out my top 5 after the…

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BIER MARKT | Great spot for beer lovers in Montreal

BIER MARKT | Great spot for beer lovers in Montreal


It was a Friday night and after a long week, I just felt like having a couple of beers in a relaxing place. Having heard of the opening of Bier Markt but not having the chance to try it out yet, me and a friend decided to give it a shot that day.

Both of us are beer lovers so we knew we would probably have a good night when we realized their “beer menu” consisted of (more…)

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